Customer Solutions

 HK Access provide our clients with flexible, efficient, high-quality contact center services, including customer care, sales, technical support, e-commerce and social media support.


Web Development

 Good SEO starts with good website design. Wouldn't you rather your website was actually built to be search engine friendly? Our affordable website designs appeal to people and search engines.



Graphic Design 

 HK Access is your online marketplace providing logo, print and graphic design services through our network of graphic designers and design studios located throughout the united states.



At HK Access, going green is more than just a “corporate social responsibility” buzzword. We’re committed to comprehensive, integrated sustainable business practices that address environmental, economic and social concerns, including eco-friendly programs, diversity and human rights initiatives, and consistent, profitable growth strategies.

When you partner with HK Access, we make it easier for your company to employ sustainable business practices. It begins with greening the workforce, which reduces your carbon footprint, offers equal opportunity for candidates of all cultures and races, and lowers customer service costs for a greater shareholder return.

Building a new economy of green workers

Work is something you do, not something you travel to. That’s the teleworker’s motto and its truth is ringing in the ears of companies looking to green their workforce. Consider the sustainable benefits of HK Access’s work-at-home virtual model.

  • Reduce office space and related operating costs. Gartner Research reveals sustainable virtual geographically dispersed teams decrease business overhead expenses by 30 percent to 55 percent while increasing productivity.

  • Curb the carbon footprint of your company. A recent EPA study shows virtual geographically dispersed teams have the ability to reduce oil imports by more than 48 percent and save 7.5 billion gallons of gas each year. The HK Access virtual worker business model saved 42,000 gallons of gas in 2009.

Eliminate daily commuting with virtual workers

HK Access’s work-at-home virtual model eliminates the need for daily commuting and our business model is helping build a new economy of green businesses and green work. We are proud of our collaborative effort towards a sustainable, low-carbon world while providing access to the best talent from around the country.

President Barack Obama put it this way, “Now, the choice we face is not between saving our environment and saving our economy. The choice we face is between prosperity and decline.”

To learn more about how HK Access’s Virtual Business Solutions can be your partner for creating a more “green” business, please contact us.